At an Organisational Level

Make your Organisation a healthy place to work for all your employees. We can support your Company take accurate decisions to strengthen work-life balance in your employees, whether they work in the office premises or from home. Selecting the best options to support well-being requires evidence-based consultancy and we are here to provide it. For employees with better understanding of personal needs, improved skills, resilience to environmental pressure and long-term effectiveness.

At a Team Level

Every team has special needs depending on its tasks and priorities. Teams working together have preferences and requirements irrelevant of their terms and their operative, executive or managerial level of decision making. Social bonding and improved relationships come easier with common goals and mutual caring. We help team members recognise own needs and work collaboratively towards meeting them, through meaningful and supportive connections.

At a Personal Level

Individual needs are at the centre of quality of life and productivity. We support work-life balance by identifying personal needs, helping you realise areas of improvement and creating a plan of unique growth to achieve the best quality of life. This entails self-regulation skills, enhanced energy and knowledge to turn into the best version of yourself.

Additions and Amendments June 2022

We use for psychophysiology measures, evaluation and support of your needs

How it works

  • we meet and prioritise actions tailored around your needs
  • we agree and implement the wellness plan
  • we continue based on your achievements

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Our wellness services are regulated by the FEPSAC ethics and regulations https://www.fepsac.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ethics.pdf

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