Physical activity has never been so vital in human history!


Even if you are struggling to find time to move throughout the day or to reach the recommended levels of physical activity experts propose (, there are easy steps to follow and ways to enhance your quality of life. Look below for more information;

Our era necessitates an increase in everyday movement. This is evident in many studies dealing with the relationship between physical activity and health indices (Marquez, et al., 2020), including physical and mental health. There are many reasons your system eagerly expects more bodily movement than you -may- currently provide.

Every organ, tissue and cell of our body receives a positive influence each time we decide to move. That movement does not need to be aiming to fitness improvements or be identified as exercise. On the contrary; incidental physical activity (which is an unstructured activity taken during the day, such as walking for transport, housework and the performance of activities of daily living; Australian Government Department of Health, n.d.) has been found beneficial for all age groups and a variety of conditions, alleviating symptoms (i.e. pain) and leading to a better quality of life. Evidence supporting the above results is abundant. Check out this link for more information: It will allow you to realise the significance of physical activity for retaining and/or significantly improving your health status.  Obviously, the more physically active one becomes, the better the results on health.

It is not a problem if you are finding it hard to motivate yourself to become more physically active. Proven and effective techniques can help create active slots and more opportunities for physical activity throughout the day. This is deemed necessary as many individuals are finding it hard to include physical activity or exercise in their daily life patterns. Improving this, will create a different mindset on how approachable and easy it is to move more, during each day.

The reality is that those techniques require an individualised approach to work, helping to manage the complexities of personal daily commitments and creating a new plan of action. Turning an obligation into a self-selected and enjoyable activity is at the heart of brief sessions at Fortius Wellness. Putting this simply, the pleasure of moving combined with the fun of activities can create a new set of habits supporting vitality and quality of life. Our unique and easy to follow 5 STEPS to approach physical activity will revolutionise your relationship with everyday movement.

It is so self-gratifying to realise personal progress. We can turn positive change into measurable results helping you to realise progress with the help of technology driven solutions.  This is one of the best ways to support further progress and greater benefits. Send us a message to to discuss your priorities and needs now. No need to wait for a new opportunity to arise!

Paddy from the Fortius Wellness team