Eat what you like. Love what you eat.

Enjoy what you do. It matters in life.

«Μελετάν ουν χρη τα ποιούντα την ευδαιμονίαν, είπερ παρούσης μεν αυτής πάντα έχομεν, απούσης δε πάντα πράττομεν εις το ταύτην έχειν.»  


“We must exercise ourselves in the things which bring happiness, since, if that be present, we have everything, and, if that be absent, all our actions are directed toward attaining it.”


Change Life is our framework.

It is based on the need for self-acceptance to create life-long and meaningful change.

Specific and simple modules on eating, sleeping, anxiety rehabilitation, physical movement, relaxing, and personal change. We create a new reality to you and your team.

​Long-term health sustainability comes with balancing central behaviours. Away from toxic habits and routines that lead to chronic inflammation and illness.

We are academics working for 30 years on evidence-based research, supporting healthy habits in modern world.
We believe in the power to self-regulate and lead adaptive behaviours achieving optimum quality of life. In the virtues that contribute to best choices. To show resilience to modern life demands.

“Inner Resilience”

We support the concept of “Inner Resilience” which simply means owning the skills to persevere in adversity. Choosing from a list of available resources how to respond when challenged.
Our vision is to support you through the best tips for good quality of life. Shortcuts based on translations of current research evidence and tips specially designed to create snap healthy choices towards aspired qualities in life.

Our clients and their Human Capital know which skills are needed for:

achieving an improved quality of life;

creating individualised plans of action towards better health;

supporting self- regulation skills towards improving resilience in the demanding conditions of a stressful everyday life;

the needed qualities of work-life balance;

translating scientific knowledge into personal achievements and successes;

reversing factors contributing to systemic chronic inflammation.

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